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We are like-minded specialists who volunteer to create excellent learning oportunities for anyone interested in ENT.

We are a charitable organisation that has formed to provide otolaryngology educational events.

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Next course July 2017


24th February 2017 in Edinburgh



This year, the ST3 Interview Course was held in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Friday 26th Feb 2016.

We have had excellent feedback and delegates who have attended in the past felt it was invaluable preparation for the ST3 national interviews.  Despite the strong competition at the National ST3 Interviews, over 50% of our delegates are offered training posts year after year.

All interviews are conducted by consultants trained in ST3 interviewing skills, with immediate feedback and the opportunity to observe others being interviewed. Portfolios are examined and assessed, and there is also a chance to practice procedures that are frequently examined at the ST3 national selection interviews.

The reputation of this course has ensured that it always fills up quickly. Spaces are limited and are provided on a first come, first served basis.

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In July 2017 are running our Practical ENT Course in Sunderland.

Waiting list places only now

This course is perfect for those who are about to start an ENT post, those who will find themselves cross-covering ENT, and A&E and GP trainees who have had minimal or no previous ENT experience.

We will be providing hands on experience with:

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